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Mission Statement


Arete Construction Services, LLC is a subcontractor who specializes in the building of metal stud partitions, drywall, acoustical ceilings, doors, trusses, casework and insulation for the commercial building market. We strive to provide our materials and our services at the lowest possible price by utilizing our own labor force, owning our own equipment, continuing education for our workforce, keeping our overhead low, abiding to a strict safety policy, amongst other measures. Arete Construction believes in fostering the growth of our #1 resource: our human resource. We pay above market wages, contribute to a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan for our employees (after 60 days of employment), pay holidays as well as promote a yearly bonus program. We know and respect that every successful project is a product of quality employees being rewarded equitably.




For Estimating Contact Aaron Tamasy: 724 871 3270 Ext 300

For Accounting Contact Joshua Maroney: 724 871 3270 EXT 301